The Malins Group sustainability mission

Converting and repurposing buildings, rather than undertaking new build construction, reduces the amount of machinery and materials needed for each project, which in turn significantly reduces carbon emissions. 90% of The Malins Group construction is conversion.

The true cost of demolition and newbuild is evident from the embodied carbon emitted during the extraction and transport of raw materials and construction. This emissions-based debt rises steeply during the newbuild process, while conversions combat this issue, where embodied carbon hasn’t gone to waste.

Carbon emissions comparison between Large Heavy New Buildings, Small Light New Buildings and Renovations.

With housing shortages a major problem, conversion and repurposing brings homes to market much faster than new builds, playing its own part in solving the housing crisis.

The Malins Groups conversions go one step further, utilising technologies that reduce energy costs, increase efficiency and in turn reduce living costs for tenants. These include LED lighting, Powering lights through solar, Microinverters and Smart metering/monitoring.

The Malins Group support of Nitrate mitigation was showcased at COP26.